irishborn12 (irishborn12) wrote in anatomy_awards,

The End?

I'm sorry that this community has not been active in quite some time; however, I no longer have a desire to continue running this community. I do not want to shut it down completely because I feel that the members really enjoyed it and were fairly active, which was the whole point. If anyone is still interested in continuing this community from the front seat please let me know. Grey's Anatomy is still an active show, and therefore, should still have a great amount of material. I would like to make this community better, including banners for the winners; however, I'm not sure if I would be able to do all the changes, and would like to pass the reigns. I cannot speak for my other mods, and if they are still interested, please comment. Thank you to everyone who has made this community great, and hopefully it can continue onward.
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